About Susan

During the 1960's, Susan's time at The Philadelphia High School for Girls provided her the opportunity to study art extensively as part of the school’s rigorous four-year academic curriculum. The last two-hours of each day were spent in art classes and she remembers them as the happiest of her adolescence during these turbulent times.

The approach in all her studies at GHS was both formal and challenging and prepared Susan for many of her future life experiences, not the least of which was her continuing education at The Philadelphia College of Art where she majored in Fine Arts. However, in the early 1970’s, Susan found herself in the San Francisco area caught up in the times and her art fell to the wayside.

Eventually, she found her way to Los Angeles and after a thirty-six-year career in the Motion Picture Film Industry in 2018, Susan made a commitment to return to what she always loved most, art. She immersed herself into this old, yet new adventure and reawakened her passion to paint again after nearly fifty-years and seemingly, making up lost time with her abundance of work.

For the past two-and-a-half-years, Susan has probed many different mediums, some she never experienced before. With her recent discovery of the Steampunk Genre and then giving the genre her spin on it, Susan now creates art which comes most naturally to her - quirky - and what she hopes - to bring smiles to her viewers’ faces.



  • Artmobia.com

  • California Art League

  • Collage Artists of America

  • Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825